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"눈물이 마를정도로 흘린 눈물은..이미 갈기갈기 찢어진 마음은 상상하지 못할정도의 고통일텐데..이제 더는 상처받을 일이 생기지 않길..기적이 일어나길..정말 간절하게 기도합니다..이번 일로 희생하신 모든 분들..부디 좋은 곳으로 가시길..애도합니다.."


[TRANS] “Tears have been shed until they all dried and are no more.. Hearts that were already torn to shreds continue to be in unimaginable pain.. Let nothing happen to hurt them further.. Let a miracle happen.. I desperately pray.. To all the victims of this event.. May you be at a better place.. I mourn for you..”

Seohyun’s Twitter 

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do not tag anything kpop related to the sewol ferry incident

i understand that your perception of korea is through a very narrow window called kpop. but for some people on here, korea is in our blood. it’s not just a feature of some hobby we enjoy or some far off place where the product of our fancy comes from. korea is a necessary part of our identity. and the tragedy of the sewol ferry pumps a very real pain in our veins. not all but enough people might be hurt by your careless actions and words. although it might be unintentional and seemingly negligible, do not contribute even a tiny bit to the already disgusting and devastating media play that is circulating this disaster. 

please let those keep what little they have left of their faith in humanity and exercise a little empathy and compassion. 

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South Korean ferry capsized with third officer at helm, investigator reports

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"Don’t trend my birthday on facebook, twitter, weibo, etc. Just keep praying for the victims. That’s my wish!"

- Jessica Jung (weibo)

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please be respectful and do not tag kpop related posts to the sewol ferry incident

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'Do not lost hope'
'Please stay strong a little bit more'
‘We are waiting’
‘Please comeback’
'Are you Hungry ?'


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I don’t really post things like this, but it’s quite sad how hundreds of teens around the age of us are missing or dying or even worse probably not even here on earth anymore and are resting in paradise. I’m very grateful that none of my relatives were on that ship, but it’s also possible that friends of my cousins could have been on that ship and I pray dearly for them. And to the class president who gave up his life jacket to his fellow classmate. God bless. Our world really needs people like you. I’m very sure your school and family would be proud of you. I love you all. Stay strong South Korea.

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10/  Seohyun favorite fancams

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seohyun body porn requested by anon

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